Northern Virginia Graphics combines the legal graphic design experience you need with the power of TrialDirector®.


Decades of litigation graphics support experience plus a team of experts who are certified on TrialDirector, the leading trial software, equals a winning combination for your case. NVG-Inc. is the firm you trust for excellence in trial graphics -- but that’s just the beginning of the litigation support we offer.



A case relies on its evidence, and your litigation success rests on your ability to present that evidence effectively. 


Before trial, we create a database with all relevant information – documents, depositions, and exhibits – tagged and organized for easy search and retrieval. Next, we shape detailed evidence into high impact pieces, from witness video clips and graphics to custom PowerPoint slides and animation. We can also advise you about the best case presentation strategy, drawing on our understanding of what works best at trial.


With NVG-Inc.’s talented graphic design staff and over 50 years of experience supporting law firms in the Washington, DC area and beyond, your evidence will be as persuasive as possible.



NVG-Inc. offers a range of litigation support services, customized to meet the needs of you and your team. 


  • Pre-trial presentation preparation  – our team can design and prepare your TrialDirector presentation, ensuring you have everything you need for trial at your fingertips.
  • TrialDirector training – because we are TrialDirector certified, we can teach your team how to use the software effectively (plus share the tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way).
  • On-site courtroom management – if you prefer, NVG-Inc. can run your presentation at trial, bringing up the right display at the right time, every time.


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