More than 50 years of trademark illustration expertise, delivered with quality and speed. 


Trademarks are more than intellectual property: they are the cornerstone of corporate identity. But without accurate and detailed illustrations that clearly depict the product or image’s unique characteristics, trademarks can be difficult to get – and even more difficult to defend. 


Only a skilled illustration can establish a trademark’s unique design elements fully and firmly enough to withstand a competitor’s encroachment. When “good enough” isn’t good enough, turn to Northern Virginia Graphics for expert trademark illustrations. 



The NVG-Inc. team’s illustrations play a pivotal role in the trademark application process and in the success of future trademark defenses. We stay up to date with the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s current trademark registration requirements, ensuring that our illustrations are ready to file.


With a history of thousands of successful patent and trademark projects behind us, NVG-Inc. is the firm to choose when your intellectual property is on the line.



After you send us your project details for a free quote, we’ll answer your questions and collect any additional information we need. 


Next, we’ll work quickly to complete your project to your specifications. We visualize every nuance and check every illustration for quality, accuracy, and completeness. Throughout the process, we will keep you updated on the status of your project.


Our clients appreciate our fast project turnaround times and reliable, accurate work. They also appreciate our data security and strict confidentiality policy. But most of all, our clients trust NVG-Inc.’s deep trademark illustration experience and commitment to superior customer service.  


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