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Meet Lead Line Leddy

Leddy is our newest team member. He will point you in the right direction, guide you through our series of infographics and familiarize you with all things IP.

File Formats & Quality

When requesting formal patent drawings, it’s important to remember that some file formats produce different results. Know your file types, extentions & quality type.

Utility vs Design Patent

It’s essential to know the distinction between a utility and a design patent. One protects a function or method of use, while the other the way it looks.

Supply the Best, Get the Best Results

Visually see the results of supplying a low-quality and high-quality images for patent drawings.

Top 10 Common Objections

Learn what the most common objections to utility patent drawings are and how to correct them.

Process for Obtaining a Utility Patent

Follow along our infographic flowchart and see the various steps in acquiring a utility patent.

Know Your File Formats

For more accurate patent drawings and quicker turnaround times, provide the best files format to your NVG-Inc draftsperson.

Trademark, Patent & Copyright

Do you know the difference between trademarks, patents and copyrights? Take a peek at our infographic that shows the basic distinctions.

Top 10 Reasons to Consult About Your Patent Drawings Before Filing

While inventors create new ideas, translating concepts into clear compliant drawings requires a specialized touch.