Top 10 Most Common Objections Seen in Patent Drawings




Top 10 Utility Patent Drawing Objections

Avoid the following objections most commonly seen for Utility Patent Drawings


  • Reference Lines Without Any Numbers – if you are going to include a reference line, it must be accompanied by a number
  • Scale Not Large Enough – patent drawings will eventually be scaled down by 70% for publication, so make sure you are taking advantage of the whole page
  • Lines, Numbers & Letters on Drawings Not Uniformly Thick and Well Defined –  you want to make sure that these elements are readable and consistent in thickness
  • Lines, Numbers & Letters not clean, durable and black – all lines, numbers and letters need to be legible without any random markings or smudges
  • Large Solid Areas Shaded in Black – 
  • Shade Lines are Pale, Rough, and Blurred – you always want 
  • Numbers & Reference Characters not Plain & Legible
  • Numbers, Letters & Reference Characters Must be 0.32 (1/8 inch) in Height
  • Lead Lines Should Not Cross
  • Drawing Sheets Not Numbered Consecutively